Information about Care and Share Troon

Care and Share Troon meets every Tuesday at the Lighthouse, Ailsa Rd Troon. This is situated next to the Ballast Bank. The number 15 bus stops within 1 minute walk of the premises, and number 10 within 5 minute walk.

The day starts with Aspire Troon at 10 30 which is an Asset Based Recovery Group. There is also a traditional recovery group on at 10 am this week in the blue room. Care and Share Troon recognize the need for two groups to take place as recovery is action and talking based.

At 2 pm the actual Care and Share Troon meeting is on where a healthy meal is served as well as tea and coffee. There is an art group as well as peer mentoring, that takes place in a relaxing family atmosphere.

If you are struggling in life please call in this Tuesday and chat with us.

The Care and Share Team Troon



Inspire Troon is not on at the Lighthouse tomorrow morning. It will be on the following week at 10 30.

There is a cycling group leaving at 12 15 from the Lighthouse tomorrow afternoon, please take proper clothing as it might rain.

Care and Share starts at 2 pm where the art group will be on as usual. Also if you want help with housing please feel free to come along.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

The Care and Share team Troon

Cycling group

Next Tuesday the Cycling group will leave the Lighthouse at 12 30. Care and Share Troon are doing this jointly with Ayr Action on Mental Health. This group is being run by Sharron Leah.

Care and Share Troon is a project to help Homeless people and those at risk of homelessness, including those with addictions. Please feel free to drop in any Tuesday between 2 and 4 pm.

The Care and Share Troon Team

Tomorrows events

Inspire Troon is on at 10 30 which is an Asset Based Recovery Group. If you are interested in other peoples assets and building community using these assets, then please come along on Tuesday.

Care and Share is on at 2pm which has the usual pool, art and Massage groups as well as the usual help from the NHS etc.

We meet at The Lighthouse Ailsa Road Troon. Looking forward to meeting you.

The Care and Share Team Troon

Low self esteem group

Is anybody interested in joining a low self esteem group? Somebody asked me last week if they could be part of a group looking at this subject. if so please contact Facebook or this blog.

Low self esteem can invade every area of your life, making it impossible to fully recover. Many people hide from the pain of this condition with using substances and people pleasing.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

The Care and Share Team Troon


The Optician will be at Care and Share Troon this Tuesday. He will be giving out the glasses people were to receive when their eyes were tested a couple of weeks ago. Also he will test your eyes if you need them tested.

The Tuesday morning group is an asset based Group, where people create their own groups through Inspire Troon. Things can be arranged like canoeing, walking etc. Also if you have any assets like writing, gardening and cycling. If you are interested this is on every Tuesday at 10 30.

Looking forward to meeting you then.

The Care and Share Troon Team

Inspire Troon

Inspire Troon is an Asset Based Recovery Group which looks at peoples strengths and passions in order to overcome addictions and other life controlling problems.

If I had a half full jar I could say it was half full or half empty. Half empty people believe that they have something missing in order to succeed. They therefore need to get help in order to get the things that are lacking, the feelings of failure and not being good enough are birthed in their spirit. The thought patterns are disabled into thinking that they cant help themselves without the proper support.

The people who believe that their jar is half full believe that the answer is within them. They have enough talents and skills to succeed. They have lacked the opportunity to fully develop their skills and learn new ones. The skills that they choose to learn will completely fill the empty part of the glass.

Inspire Troon exists to give people, who see their glass half full, the opportunity to fully develop those skills and learn new ones. Why don’t you bring your skills to our next meeting. We meet every Tuesday at 10 30 at the Lighthouse Ailsa Road Troon